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It's been kind of interesting over the past many years seeing how adapters attempting to fashion films out of longstanding and in many cases iconic, maybe even totemic, characters tend to go one of the two routes: breaking with "tradition" and crafting those aforementioned pesky alternate timelines, or seeking to reinvent a character with an origin story. Dark Phoenix would seem to once again be a kind of odd combo platter of both of those approaches, but Simon Kinberg, who had a previous "at bat" with Jean as screenwriter for X-Men: The Last Stand , ultimately doesn't seem to know quite how to shape, or perhaps more accurately stated, re shape, this material as either writer or director.

Hey, remember when the X-Men were mutants, feared by the general populace and hated by those shadowy governmental types who are often some of the villains in the various X-Men films? Well, that was then as in "pick your timeline" and this is now, or at least another then, and the X-Men are firmly ensconced in hero territory as this story gets underway.

A traumatized young Jean has been placed under the mentorship of Charles Xavier James McAvoy, because, you know, it's then , though that "traumatized" aspect returns to haunt the story as Jean grows into a woman transformed by whatever the outer space equivalent of getting bitten by a radioactive spider is, something that increases her already formidable powers, but which leads to a cascading series of events when what might be called repressed memories well up.

While shadowy governmental types are actually refreshingly missing from this enterprise, the film perhaps couldn't avoid a "special guest villain" casting stunt, in this case an alien named Vuk Jessica Chastain , who attempts to lure Jean over to "the dark side". What's at least potentially interesting about this is that Charles and Magneto Michael Fassbender , while still bickering so to speak , find themselves unavoidably aligned in a conclusion that something needs to be done with Jean, though it's arguable that Charles' motives are perhaps more relatively pure.

To paraphrase some questions I posed in the opening paragraph of my X-Men: Apocalypse Blu-ray review , it almost doesn't matter anymore with regard to any of the glut of superhero movies but perhaps arguably more consistently with some Marvel fare which timeline, story element, or character fate you think you're following, because chances are some carpet somewhere will be pulled out from under you and there's one potential example of that in this film which won't be spoiled here.

Unfortunately, X- Men: Dark Phoenix doesn't consistently register as either. You can read Brian's thoughts here. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to Dark Phoenix. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Dark Phoenix in the search box below. The two Select category Add custom category.

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Trending Price New. Show less Show more. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Most relevant reviews. Great Christmas book I love the movie so I bought this book! Heartwarming, timeless Christmas story Could you imagine knowing you could have one wish come true and not use it for yourself? I love this book! The story is great!

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