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And it's hot. I mean, it's smokin' smokin' hot. And there's another scene..

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It was awesome. Oh, Patron, you are a friend of mine. I wake up at noon the next day and immediately hate Patron. Of course, I also love the B characters, too. Ellen's best friend, the other baseball players, Jag's sister, Ellen's mom.. I loved all of them. The conversation between Jag and his sister where she tells him he's a moron is a classic. Everyone needs a sister like that. If you haven't already read Discovering Us and Finding Us, step to it.

This is an awesome series and this is a great finale. Storytelling: 5 stars- I wake up thinking this really happened. Writing and editing quality: 5 stars- Excellent! Apr 07, Brittney rated it liked it. I just NEED to know what happens next!!! It was naughty of Mrs. Bentley to leave us with such a tragic cliff-hanger and so I was salivating for Finally Us to come out. D-Day came and I literally put everything I had to do on hold and cracked open the book.

I read and read and read, till in less than 24 hours I'd read it cover to cover. I liked the book, I really did but I just found so many things that I didn't like too. Did it really have to be this sinister ploy where El was the pond for Austin to get back at Jag?!? I guess this isn't a con, because it was cute but I'm putting in my bias by saying I wish it wasn't so predictable hide spoiler ] I think that overall it hit all the major points I wanted it to but it took some detours that made me grind my teeth.

I want you to stop crying. You hear me? You stop that, right now! I sniff a couple times and wipe my face with a napkin from my sandwich bag. Now, you listen to me. You are a strong, beautiful, intelligent, independent young woman that any man would be lucky to have.

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You deserve the best, Ellen. The best. After several more thrusts, I finish with a curse, and closing my eyes, I kiss the back of her head then rest the side of mine against it, both of us breathing heavily, our bodies misted in sweat, and we stand there until I let out one more rasping breath then let her go, leaving her body. Sixx as in Nikki. Even better is having a family together. But the best?

Jul 11, Michelle Tikal rated it it was amazing. In reality it was only a few short months, but after my obsession with the first two books and the dramatic ending to Finding Us , the wait has been a killer. Fortunately, it was well worth the wait.

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Finally Us, much like the first two books, is totally angsty yet sweet and fun, emotional but not too heavy, and dramatic but not unrealistic or over the top. For the love of angst.

This story, as per usual, is chock full of near misses, misunderstandings, and miscommunications that keep El and Jag hurt, angry, and apart. They also served to keep my stomach in knots, my hands white knuckling my ereader, and an unspoken threat in my mind to chuck said ereader across the room if certain situations came to fruition. How I love Jag, but let's be honest Discovering Us was not his finest hour. Still with all of his flaws and all the issues, he continues to be one of my favorite book boyfriends. This time though, it was El's turn to be unbearably frustrating, unwaveringly stubborn, and annoyingly indecisive.

Thank goodness these two finally got their heads on straight as I'm not sure how many more situations could blow up in their faces as a result of distrust or jumping to conclusions before things became irreparable. Along these lines, I absolutely loved El and Jags' entire love story but especially its conclusion. This story was incredibly realistic. The characters made mistakes, they said things that they did not mean or that they shouldn't have in the heat of the moment, and they behaved poorly.

Not only this, but they needed to learn to listen to one another, trust each other, put each other first, and not take each other or their love for granted. As one who met the love of my life as El did decades ago, I understand the hard work that goes into cultivating a deeper, healthier relationship than the effortless young love you fall so easily into in your young naive years. When you have only had one real significant relationship in your life you don't have the trial and error of a few different romances to absorb the tough lessons that need to be learned about loving someone, meeting their needs, communicating effectively, understanding, and sharing your life with someone.

El and Jag had to face all of these issues together and overcome all of these very real stumbling blocks together. They had to learn to work things out together and how to move forward together to strengthen and solidify their relationship. I appreciated the realism immensely and became extremely attached to this couple as a result. Throughout the story, I wasn't always sure that a third book was necessary, but the growth and maturity that was achieved in Finally Us was definitely worth the investment.

source site The core of El's issues in this installment are much the same as Jag's in the previous books so it could be considered a tiny bit redundant. This situation though, was just different enough from the last and the motivation of the third character was a nice twist that kept things interesting and surprising.

"People say opposites attract, but that wasn't the case here."

Not to mention, El definitely needed to learn the valuable lesson that resulted from the circumstances or there is a very real possibility that they never would have made it as far as they've come over the course of their journey. Finally Us is filled with love and its many pitfalls, drama and all its excitement and anxiety, and romance in all its beautiful, undying glory.

It reminded me of everything I loved in the first two books and was the perfect resolution to an epic love story. Finally Us is an ideal conclusion to a remarkable series and I am so sad to see El and Jag go. I think I read this series in a matter of 24 hours. Holy hell, I could not have asked for a better series. I have never laughed so hard and wanted to strangle someone at the same time.

This series is full of every emotion, the best part? They are real emotions, the things that these characters go through we "I was five when I first kissed Jag. They are real emotions, the things that these characters go through were so realistic. They became best friends when she was five, when she was eleven she realized that being in the best friend zone sucks.

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Plus he was ridiculously good looking so I tried to hide behind a book and pray that I got prettier real quick. Being forced to attend classes in the meantime, Agatha flunks most of her classes, but discovers a powerful ability in her--she can hear and grant wishes, something that can only come from a pure Good heart. When secrets are revealed and lies exposed, will Tamara be strong enough to make the right decision? Dai——" Making a short deft movement Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand. This book is Free on September 22, Kindle.

She would never be viewed as more then a friend. That day ended their daily relationship, they became acquaintances for five years. I found this hiatus interesting.