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Content type: Research Letter. Authors: Romer Carlo T. Gacusan and Alfredo Mahar Francisco A.

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We are delighted to announce that Geoscience Letters has been accepted for coverage in Scopus. Geoscience Letters is the official journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society, and a fully open access journal published under the SpringerOpen brand. The journal publishes original, innovative and timely research letter articles and concise reviews on studies of the Earth and its environment, the planetary and space sciences. Geoscience Letters focuses on cutting-edge fundamental and applied research in the broad field of the geosciences, including the applications of geoscience research to societal problems.

This journal is Open Access, providing rapid electronic publication of high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific contributions.

Materials Letters

Letter 28 August Superconductivity in an infinite-layer nickelate Superconductivity is demonstrated in an infinite-layer nickelate similar to infinite-layer copper oxides, which is synthesized using soft- chemistry topotactic reduction of the perovskite precursor phase. Login Cancel. Read more here. Reddy, Pavan Kumar R. Email or Customer ID. Work is on the way to expand this indexation to other databases.

Publication Date Web : August 6, Publication Date Web : July 22, Publication Date Web : August 13, Publication Date Web : August 16, Publication Date Web : August 2, Publication Date Web : August 5, Stay Connected Connect with us! Electric transport processes and properties Mass transfer Aggregation 92 Heat transfer 48 Energy transfer 45 Permeability 23 Surface Surface structure Adsorption Surface reaction 34 Desorption 32 Surface energy 22 Wetting 15 Surface analysis 7 Surface recombination 3 Quantum mechanics Quantum mechanical methods Potential energy Quantum transition Wave function 7 Tunneling 6 Zero point energy 5 Spin 2 Quantum theory 2 Mean-field theory 1 Thermodynamics Physical chem.

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Thermodynamic properties Free energy Enthalpy Entropy 55 Calorimetry 18 Equilibrium 15 Phase diagram 15 Thermodynamic simulation 6 Equation of state 2 Chemical kinetics Reaction kinetics Catalysis Reaction mechanism Reaction rate theory 57 Molecular dynamics 40 Biophysical chemistry Structure-activity relationship Protein structure Nucleic acid structure 60 Biological transport 44 Enzyme kinetics 41 Biological membrane 35 Protein folding 15 Electrochemistry Physical chem.

Solid state electrochemistry Redox potential 47 Electrochemical cells 19 Electrolysis 12 Photoelectrochemistry 2 Spectroelectrochemistry 1 Spectroscopy Physical chem. Luminescence spectroscopy Raman spectroscopy 40 X-ray spectroscopy 22 UV-visible spectroscopy 19 Fourier-transform spectroscopy 16 IR spectroscopy 14 Emission spectroscopy 3 Atomic spectroscopy 2 Absorption spectroscopy 1 Resonance spectroscopy 1 Solution chemistry Solvation 95 Hydrothermal reaction 26 Ionic strength 25 Solid solutions 7 Solvothermal reaction 7 Thermodynamic activity 5 Electrolytic solutions 4 Vapor pressure 4 Osmotic coefficient 2 Azeotropes 1 Osmotic pressure 1 Nonelectrolytic solutions 1 Clusters Nanoclusters Metal clusters 6 Cluster ions 4 Self-assembly Radiation Electromagnetic wave Laser radiation 17 Solar radiation 9 Cosmic ray 1 Photochemistry Physical chem.

Redox reaction Electron transfer Addition reaction 56 Elimination reaction 42 Hydrogenation 37 Hydrothermal reaction 26 Metathesis 10 Insertion reaction 10 Photochemical redox reaction 2 Sensors Fluorescence Luminescence Solid state chemistry Thin films Semiconductors 63 Magnetic materials 27 Ceramics 12 Fullerenes 12 Amorphous materials 11 Alloys 5 Superconductors 2 Polymers Polysiloxanes 33 Aluminoxanes 2 Theory Magnetism Semiconductors 63 Anisotropy 24 Tunneling 6 Paramagnetism 6 Ferromagnetism 3 Single-molecule magnets 1 Spectroscopy Inorg.

Group 16 compounds 48 Group 13 compounds 14 Group 15 compounds 14 Group 14 compounds 5 Alkali metals 1 Supramolecular chemistry Inorg. Metal-organic frameworks 40 Supramolecular structure 38 Rotaxanes 2 Electrochemistry 47 Organometallic compounds Bond activation 17 Carbene complexes 13 Sandwich compounds 5 Metallacycles 5 Small molecule activation Inorg.

Photosensitizers 18 Photochemical reduction 15 Photooxidation 7 Photodegradation 3 Photochemical reactivity 1 Photochemical dechlorination 1 Combinatorial chemistry Multicomponent reaction 16 Solid phase synthesis 10 Ugi reaction 3 Three-component coupling reaction 1 Natural products Total synthesis 2 Stereochemistry Regiochemistry 3 Supramolecular chemistry Org. Rotaxanes 2 Analytical chemistry Analytical apparatus Sensors Microfluidic devices 15 Lab-on-a-chip 11 Microscopy Electron microscopy 65 Fluorescence microscopy 53 IR microscopy 1 Imaging Fluorescence imaging 81 Biological imaging 27 Tomography 16 Electrochemical analysis Separation science Extraction 34 Liquid chromatography 21 Gas chromatography 2 Spectroscopy Anal.

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Redox reaction Addition reaction 56 Elimination reaction 42 Hydrogenation 37 Metathesis 10 Insertion reaction 10 Catalysis Spectroscopy Organomet. Group 16 compounds 48 Group 13 compounds 14 Group 15 compounds 14 Group 14 compounds 5 Alkali metals 1 Coordination chemistry Organomet.

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Welcome to LETTERS a semi-annual review of literature and the arts engaging creative expression with religion, spirituality, and belief connecting the life of faith . Materials Letters has an open access mirror journal Materials Letters: X, sharing the same aims and scope, editorial team, submission system and rigorous peer.

Coordination compounds 17 Coordinative substitution reaction 5 Electrochemistry 47 Small molecule activation Organomet. Nanoparticles Nanocomposites Nanocrystals 66 Quantum dots 65 Nanowires 34 Pharmaceutical carriers 24 Two-dimensional materials 19 Nanoporous materials 17 Carbon nanostructured materials 5 Semiconducting nanostructured materials 2 Nanofabrication 45 Plasmonic and Photonic Structures and Devices 34 Nanodevices Quantum devices 3 Nanoreactors 2 Nanosensors 2 Nanocatalysis 2 Nanofluidics 2 Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Theory Theo.

Quantum mechanics Statistical mechanics 2 Group theory 1 Transition state theory 1 Computational chemistry and modeling Quantum mechanical methods Molecular dynamics simulation Molecular docking 64 Molecular modeling 52 Monte Carlo simulation 15 Molecular mechanics 7 Neural network modeling 6 Solvation models 2 Computational fluid dynamics 1 Chemical engineering and Industrial chemistry Transport phenomena Chem.

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Mass transfer Heat transfer 48 Fluid mechanics 8 Thermodynamics Chem. Most Read Rankings are updated daily for previous 30 days below and previous 12 months. Atanu Ghosh Osman M. Publication Date Web : July 17, Mustafa Gharib Publication Date Web : July 19, Jiaqi Dai Publication Date Web : August 9, Samuel W. William A. Publication Date Web : June 25, Publication Date Web : July 30, Apurba De

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