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Basil E Remember their needs and concerns. Nod or use other gestures or words to encourage them to continue. Avoid unnecessary interruptions. These behaviours disrupt the listening process and send messages to the speaker that you are bored or distracted. Look at issues from their perspective.

Let go of preconceived ideas. By having an open mind we can more fully empathise with the speaker. If the speaker says something that you disagree with then wait and construct an argument to counter what is said but keep an open mind to the views and opinions of others. A pause, even a long pause, does not necessarily mean that the speaker has finished. Be patient and let the speaker continue in their own time, sometimes it takes time to formulate what to say and how to say it.

Never interrupt or finish a sentence for someone. Everybody has a different way of speaking - some people are for example more nervous or shy than others, some have regional accents or make excessive arm movements, some people like to pace whilst talking - others like to sit still.

A good speaker will use both volume and tone to their advantage to keep an audience attentive; everybody will use pitch, tone and volume of voice in certain situations β€” let these help you to understand the emphasis of what is being said.

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Maybe one of the most difficult aspects of listening is the ability to link together pieces of information to reveal the ideas of others. With proper concentration, letting go of distractions, and focus this becomes easier.

Our Communication Skills eBooks. Instead, try using Chrome or Firefox. Step 3 : In some extreme cases, businesses or Internet Service Providers ISPs will block certain content, typically due to bandwidth usage or other security concerns. Issue: The stream starts and stops frequently. There are a lot of possibilities for what could be going on here. Is it generally reliable? Are you using WIFI to stream us? Do you have other devices streaming content video, audio at the same time where you are? A wired connection will always provide more reliable bandwidth.

Step 2 : Do you notice bandwidth changes during certain times of day? You could be experiencing higher bandwidth usage throughout the house and neighborhood, which could impact your connection speed and ability.


Step 3 : Are you traveling and using phone or car data to stream us? Our default stream bitrate the amount of data carried in the stream β€” the higher the bitrate, the better the audio quality is Kbps. But we also offer a lower option β€” 64 Kbps, which handles those fluctuations much better. However, not all shows provide us with playlists. If you contact us , be sure to provide the day and time you were listening β€” and be as exact as possible.

Not necessarily.


We receive playlist information for both our locally produced and the nationally broadcast shows. Similarly, we are not able to provide playlists for all of our locally produced shows such as Symphonies of Iowa or the nationally broadcast shows such as From the Top.

The best way to know for sure whether we have the song in a playlist is to go to check the playlist page. Is there another way to listen to the streams directly? What can I do?