Making Social Worlds: A Communication Perspective

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Ask a question: 0 Answers. Making Social Worlds: A Communication Perspective offers the most accessible introduction to the tools and concepts of CMM Coordinated Management of Meaning one of the groundbreaking theories of speech communication. Draws upon advances in research for the most up-to-date concepts in speech co From R Recommended Offers. View Offer. View All Offers. Product Details. Reviews 0. Review this product. Log in to your account to manage your alerts. Add a lower price to be notified.

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All merchants contact details can be found at pricecheck. Stock PriceCheck is a discovery and comparison platform. While we often don't even realize that culture impacts communication during day to day interactions, people must learn to be compatible with individuals from different cultures in order to have effective communication. Pearce is adamant that CMM is not just an interpretive theory but is meant to be a practical theory as well. Another application example was done in when CMM was initially recognized by people.

It believes that the framework of CMM provides an understanding of "the structure and process of consumer decision making by placing those decisions within the context of a family's social reality". Along this line, CMM theorists have used or developed several analysis models to help understand and improve communication. The models addressed here are the hierarchy model, the serpentine model, charmed and strange loops.

Examples for the first model have been adapted from ones Pearce uses in one of his writings where he analyzes the courtroom conversation between Ramzi Yousef , the individual convicted of bombing the World Trade Center in , and Kevin T. Duffy, the federal judge who presided over his trial. In Yousef's statement before sentencing, he criticizes the US for its hypocrisy; he accuses the US of being the premier terrorist , and reasserts his pride in his fight against the US.

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At the sentencing, Duffy accuses Yousef of being a virus, evil, perverting the principles of Islam , and interested only in death. Neither individual really talks to the other, but rather at them. The hierarchy model is a tool for an individual to explore the perspectives of their conversational partners while also enabling them to take a more thorough look at their own personal perspective. The elements at the top of each list form the overall context in which each story takes place and have an influence on the elements below them.

The levels of meaning from lowest to highest are: content, speech act, episodes, relationship, life scripts, and cultural patterns. Stephen W. Littlejohn and Karen A. Foss in their book Theories of Human Communication tenth edition [31] describe a type of logical force called contextual force. Contextual force causes a person to follow a form of logic that leads one to believe that an action or interpretation is a direct result of, and is appropriate to, the context.

For example, "How else could I have reacted? For example, a relationship that is longstanding can contextualize the episode of an ugly argument as something unpleasant, but unavoidable. The couple will most likely worth though this ugly argument because of their relationship contextualizing the episode. However, an episode of an ugly argument can contextualize a relationship if a couple is on their first date.

Therefore the argument is more likely to contextualize the relationship is over or not worth pursuing. What contextualizes what in the hierarchy of organized meanings overlaps and is interlinked in a complicated hierarchy of meanings which can shift at any moment.

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The CMM theorists take the hierarchy model a step further by reinforcing the importance of interaction and adding the aspect of time. Pearce stresses that communication cannot be done alone and that furthermore this usually occurs before or after another's actions. Therefore, understanding past events and their impact on individuals is essential to improving communication.

This new model is called the serpentine model and visually demonstrates how communication is a back and forth interaction between participants rather than just a simple transmission of information. The embedded contexts illustrated in the hierarchy model represent a stable hierarchy. It suggests that higher levels subsume lower levels. Meanwhile, sometimes "lower levels can reflect back and affect the meaning of higher levels.

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"Making Social Worlds is an exciting and gutsy volume readable by a range of audiences. The focus on critical interaction moments allows intelligent probing. Making Social Worlds: A Communication Perspective offers the most accessible introduction to the tools and concepts of CMM – Coordinated Management of.

CMM believes that there is a stronger "contextual effect", which works from higher levels to the lower levels, and a weaker "implicative effect", which works the other way. In this kind of interaction, each person's perceptions and actions help to reinforce the other's perceptions and actions. When the lower levels are inconsistent with the higher levels, it is called a "strange loop".