Oh, Say Can You Say? (Beginner Books B-65)

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The following is based on your advice, which strangely and happily is something i have been doing, yet not widely enough for a long time. A Since I am making the rules for this little piece of reality, here they are, Tim or the person you outsource this to… I have ideas and time but a lack of money. B I KNOW I have knowledge and ideas that would be of sufficient value to you to make this a worth while investment of your time, and a meager amount of your money.

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C I have been an inventor for about 35 years plus despite being 40 now, so I have a lifetime of ideas MANY with commercial value and some that where commercialized years after my first conception of them. Sound arrogant? Your ROI on this will ultimately be ridiculous. At my current savings capacity it will take me at least two or three months to save the money necessary to get this course, unless someone with insight and a mind for profitable investments is willing to expedite this process for me.

I opted for this so that I could pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors which include jewelry design, environmental energy products. This is the tip of my iceberg, that I have not been able to realized based on my limiting beliefs said I had to have serious cash to license a product without the manufacturer stealing it. I am currently in Japan so unless you are resident here meeting face to face is a challenge, but this is an age of technology and I have internet. Contracts can be made over distance.

I have a wealth of ideas, not one or two but many. If anyone wants to help you and I turn some of them into serious cash.

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I need only someone with the confidence and cash to act and enough knowledge to recognize that my ideas are of value. I have a noteable name in the uk tv market. Thinking of launching my own jewellery range under my own name my public name. Instead of taking up the manufacturing costs myself, I could license my name right or license the the name of my designs? Come up with the designs and offer it out as a licence?

How do I find out what I should be charging per unit etc.. Great website by the way. Thanks, Tim! This is just what I needed to hear…. I wish you much success in all your invention related endeavors. Kindest Regards, Stephen Key inventRight. I love this website and the four hour work week book. I have a question for anyone who knows about property law.

^>PDF Oh Say Can You Say? (Beginner Books, B) @>BOOK Dr. Seuss

My Q is I am in the process of getting a PPA for my product, but an attorney that I talked to said it is most likely trademark-able not patent-able cause it is to obvious. And if I make a deal with a licensee could they upgrade the PPA to a trademark? Thanks Cainen. Hello, I have a question for anyone who knows about property law.

My Q is I was in the process of seeing if my product was patent-able or trademark-able, but an attorney that I talked to said my product is most likely trademark-able not patent-able cause it is to obvious. He advised me to get a Provisional patent and to see if it has a market. I have decided to license my product to a licensee but can I get a PPA for my product if it is only trademark-able?

Can i just have Patent pending if i am not sure how it can be protected? I am over the moon with your words of wisdom.

Oh say can you say

(Beginner Books, B) @>BOOK Dr. Seuss; 3. q q q q q q EBOOK DETAIL Author: Dr. Seuss Pages: 38 pages Publisher: Beginner Books. Say? (Beginner Books) To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Oh say, can you say peter piper picked a peck of pickeled peppers.

I have been coming up with simple small ideas for the last 10 years.. Most I gave away! I ran away from home so have no skills in the education system. My education has been my enthusiasm to just know as much as I can.

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I have a few ideas and have scribbled them up as you write here.. In sharing my ideas to a person.. I write music for fun.. I write poems for fun.. I keep coming up with ideas TOO.

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Nobody has believed in me as yet that I can do anything as far as business goes. I have one simple idea I am sitting right NOW.. I am going to get a Provisional Patent application.. I just have to say to you too Steven that you really know your stuff too.. You two have sparked TAHT one back up in em.. I have a name for it too. I wish I could blurt it out to you This reply is for BEE. You have touched my heart. I am 80 years old. I was an abused child. I am a decorated Marine from the Korean war and I was still afraid of people.

I still talk like a 15 year old. I had about 50 invention ideas at one time. Several were stolen. I am not afraid of people today but I do fear communicating with large company bosses. Just Like Stephan talks about in his wonderful book… one of the greatest obstickles with us simple people. I decided to start all over at my age.

I sent almost emails out to producers. I recieved about 9 replys.

One was …. I tried hiring a invention marketing company for one of my inventions. They liked it but said no. I went to 2 hardwear chains and looked at products like mine.

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Looked up the name to one on the computer. Sent an email. They too bounced it.

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So I followed the advice from the book. I called another very big company and got to speak to the product manager. He asked to see the drawings of my product. I did get a provisional patent on it. Most of the big companies I want to use want me to have a patent. I hope I can license without one. SOoooo BEE,keep on going….